27.04.2016 LSI offers courses in almost any language

Experience the colourful world of languages at LSI: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Spanish, or why not try Chinese or Portuguese? Contact us

27.04.2016 Restaurant "C'est la vie" – No. 6 out of 617 restaurants in Leipzig

Thanks to many excellent reviews from our guests, "C'est la vie" is counted amongst the 10 best restaurants in Leipzig. We are delighted that our guests continue to be so satisfied. Merci! TripAdvisor
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LSI World of Languages offers much more than just language courses. We organise events for our customers at regular intervals throughout the year so you can put your new skills into practice, whilst learning new information in a different context. Let us offer you a glass of an exquisite red wine at a wine-tasting evening or why not discover the sights of England or Scotland on one of our language trips?


LSI's events always offer a pratical use for language: fun is mixed with learning, so that correct vocabulary and the opportunity to improve your language skills are never far behind.


Champagne Evenings

Offer a great opportunity to learn about champagnes from a different angle, aimed at those who enjoy the fizz, and want to find out more about the splendour that is champagne. Join us for an occasion that will leave you sparkling.

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Whisky Tasting

With our very own Scotsman Michael Connolly, a connoisseur with years of experience drinking uisge beatha, the Scottish water of life. In just a few hours Mike will make you feel like a true Whisky connoisseur and leave you wanting more.

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Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are held in our very own Leipzig events area, LSI wine tastings are innovative and fun, presented at a level that ensures everyone learns something new, whatever their wine knowledge. Let us be your hosts for a night of indulgence.

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Leipzig Business Networking

Brush up on your English skills ready for a Leipzig business networking event like no other, join us for one of our business speed dating events to extend your personal and entrepreneurial network with potential new clients and business partners. Meet people to discuss new business ideas – in English!

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Come and let us entertain you! We hope to see you soon.