27.04.2016 Restaurant "C'est la vie" – No. 6 out of 617 restaurants in Leipzig

Thanks to many excellent reviews from our guests, "C'est la vie" is counted amongst the 10 best restaurants in Leipzig. We are delighted that our guests continue to be so satisfied. Merci! TripAdvisor

05.07.2016 English trainer vacancy

We are currently looking for English trainers to teach our private and business clients. If you are flexible, competent and have experience in teaching, then we would like to hear from you. Application
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European Energy Exchange AG, Leipzig/Germany, London/England, Paris/France, Milan/Italy

EEX AG is the only German energy exchange market. It operates spot markets and derivatives markets for power, gas and CO2 emission rights and futures contracts on worldwide coal deals.

Period of service
since April 2008

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian

General courses
47 courses in English
56 courses in French
3 courses in German


1-to-1 courses

2 courses in Dutch

49 courses in English
37 courses in French
18 courses in German

1 course in Italian

Number of participants

Participants' departments
Management board
Assistance to the management board
Communication and Marketing
Market Surveillance
Market Supervision
Customer Relations
IT & Service Management
Business Implementation
Corporate Strategy
Financial Accounts
Human Resources

Chinese, English, French, German, Italian


European Energy Exchange AG