11.09.2015 COMPAREX AG – New key customer for LSI

We are proud to be providing the IT provider with 14 courses in English with a total of 67 participants and 575 teaching hours. COMPAREX AG

05.07.2016 New German course from August - B1 level

You would like to improve your German and make new contacts? A new German course will start in August, 90 minutes every week. Register now. Contact us
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Villa LSI

Our new LSI villa has been open to our customers since 1st May 2011. Here we welcome customers for language classes and events covering 460sqm, spread over three floors.


First Floor

In the teaching area on the first floor, our customers are our top priority. In total, we now have five classrooms of varying size, in which we are able to create the right working atmosphere to suit any group. We have everything required for a successful learning environment.

Our interior design mirrors this concept, from the stylish glass doors bearing the LSI logo, to the indirect lighting in each room and the large windows allowing a view of our leafy, green surroundings. All of this means we have everything in place to ensure that your time with us is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


Ground Floor

Our administration area can be found on the ground floor. Here, our trainers have ample space to prepare thoroughly for their next classes with our customers.


Basement Floor

The biggest highlight of our new building is the new event area. It is our pleasure to invite you to events and social functions taking place here throughout the year. Come and enjoy an evening of wine or champagne tasting with us in a friendly environment.


Our event area includes a wine cellar and also a bar, so we have everything our guests need for a perfectly enjoyable event.